If you do the work up front to list your book correctly on Amazon, you can more easily attain Bestseller status and in turn gain future benefits through direct and indirect exposure.

Consider the book Gasp! by Dr Michael Gelb and Dr Howard Hindin.

ABC Media Solutions managed the book publication and launch in December, and 10 months later it is still a #1 Bestseller.

If we did not take special care to list it properly, it is unlikely it would have this Bestseller status now. Note that Gasp! is also listed as a #2 Bestseller in a different category, and during the time since we listed it on Amazon, the book has spent some time as #1 in that category as well.

Sorry for the grainy quality of these images; they are screenshots captured from Amazon.

What benefits do you gain from Bestseller status?

1. Your book will appear when people click the link to display the top books in the category, the Top 100 List:

2. You will get more exposure and sell more books from these and other backlinks,  and as you sell more books, you get even more exposure. In this case, readers want to know about sleep disorders and breathing, so they come onto Amazon and purchase multiple books:

List your print book or Kindle book properly, and get lots of exposure during the book launch to attain ongoing Bestseller benefits.