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After working on many book projects–traditional publishing and Print on Demand (POD)–we  understand the reasons people write books. Here are some top reasons: (1) Some use

We like to  STORY in capitals. Why? Because our clients make a lot of money from STORY. The most important thing an author can do—not only

In the book business, we see many manuscripts every year, and one unfortunate misconception is this: All editors who work on a manuscript make only a

ABC Writers has ghostwritten/Edited nearly 200 non-fiction books to date, and we have some very useful advice for anyone who is planning to launch a serious writing

To market your book effectively, you should consider all forms of Internet book marketing. One of those is Forum Marketing. Why? There are multiple reasons, but

Below are a few common questions and answers related to being a ghostwriter. What is a Ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is a professional writer who partners with

During my career as a writer, I’ve read many books, and one thing resonates as the most important component of any book (or anything at all

If you want to understand story structure, you might consider reading what we consider “the ultimate bible of story structure,” Robert McKee’s, Story. Although many books

Most of us go through life thinking the language we speak read and write is a static sort of thing, when actually it is constantly changing.

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Payment Terms: On projects less than $500, we ask for 50% when the project begins and the remainder due prior to delivery of the final, working manuscript file. On larger projects, we ask for 33% when the project begins, 33% at 1/2-complete, and the remainder due prior to delivery of the final, working manuscript file. PDF drafts are available to preview should you require seeing the product before making the final payment. Add 5% for PayPal/credit card payments.

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We'll give your article opening the attention-grabbing impact of a stomach punch; your sales copy the sparkle and flair of a fireworks finale; your technical writing project the smooth, reassuring voice of a mountain brook; your ebook the wink of a gold coin on the beach--waiting, unearthed by a subsiding storm.