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In terms of Internet book marketing, the sales funnel refers to all those parts of your product marketing and ordering system and the process by which

First and foremost, a quality book cover should engage the potential buyer. If you take the time to observe the book covers for those books on

To construct a quality eBook, first understand there is an organic relationship between graphics and text–and you must respect this relationship. Most electronic books weigh too

To create a top quality graphic design, you should incorporate the basic elements of STORY. Consider the following book cover design from a recent ABCWriters project:

When it comes to designing commercial book covers, quality is a relative term. For example, if you ask an Internet marketer what makes a quality book

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Payment Terms: On projects less than $500, we ask for 50% when the project begins and the remainder due prior to delivery of the final, working manuscript file. On larger projects, we ask for 33% when the project begins, 33% at 1/2-complete, and the remainder due prior to delivery of the final, working manuscript file. PDF drafts are available to preview should you require seeing the product before making the final payment. Add 5% for PayPal/credit card payments.

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We'll give your article opening the attention-grabbing impact of a stomach punch; your sales copy the sparkle and flair of a fireworks finale; your technical writing project the smooth, reassuring voice of a mountain brook; your ebook the wink of a gold coin on the beach--waiting, unearthed by a subsiding storm.