We'll give your article opening the attention-grabbing impact of a stomach punch; your sales copy the sparkle and flair of a fireworks finale; your technical writing project the smooth, reassuring voice of a mountain brook; your ebook the wink of a gold coin on the beach--waiting, unearthed by a subsiding storm.
Ghostwriting Services

All forms of non-fiction writing—destined for electronic or print venues—including magazine articles, SEO articles, website copy, non-fiction books, business writing (resumes, correspondence, business plans, press releases),


All forms of fiction and nonfiction, electronic or print, including magazine articles, website copy, books, short stories, scholastic papers, business writing (resumes, correspondence, business plans), training

Book Indexing

We create an index for your book, adhering to current standards and best practices as outlined by the Editorial Freelancers Association (we hold a membership).

Manuscript Submissions

We can help you get your manuscript evaluated by the top agents and publishing houses. If your work is good, we do have a direct line

Website Design

We can create something simple but professional (this website is an example), very quickly and at an affordable price, or we can create a more extensive

Article Management

Article Creation, Submission, and Management. We can provide writing and management services for high-volume article marketing campaigns, although we generally do not compete on price with

Book Design and Layout

Design and Layout for Electronic and Print Manuscripts. Cover and book block formatting (with minimal graphics work and minimal editing) to the specifications of any Print

Book Reviews

A complete review of your work. For fiction, comments on theme, characterization, pacing, plot structure, opening, and market relevancy. Note how current bestseller plots are usually


We submit your manuscript to the publisher and set up your online storefront if you request it. We handle all the format corrections and modifications required

Press Releases

Affordable press release creation and distribution to the major outlets. We design your Press Release so it meets all the formatting specifications (and is SEO optimized)

Internet Marketing

We wrote the book on Internet Book Marketing (Get it HERE). We have been doing this for many years and our client base of top Internet

Copyright Management

We can help format and submit your work for registration with the U.S. Copyright Office and follow the process to completion.

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